Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Don't Get Your Hackles Up

In Chimi's whole life, Linda has never seen the hackles on his back raise up.  He can be an excitable and quirky dog, but never, ever aggressive.  Linda actually googled "raised hackles" to do some research since it was so odd for him to do display that kind of behavior.  She thought it was just a sign of aggression, but it can be just like humans who get goose pimples or a chill down their back.  It looked like this picture, except there wasn't any teeth involved, he isn't a wolf and there wasn't another dog underneath him.  (Surprisingly, there are not a lot of good photos if you google "raised hackles.")
Wolves just having fun

It all started when Linda was taking a nap on The Big Bed earlier this afternoon. She was going to try and stay awake (remember the other days post?) but since she had the afternoon off and wanted to be alert in church tonight, she laid down for a bit.  Of course Chim was under the top blanket sleeping with her.  Linda woke up and thought she heard a kitten mew.  Seconds later, Chimi heard the same thing.  It sounded like a kitten in distress!  Chimi started a deep growl.  He shot up from under the blanket and stood like a guard dog.  Ears up, tail straight out back, eyes fixated towards the window and his hackles went up from his neck to his tail.  It was eerie and actually kind of freaked Linda out.  She left him inside and went out in the yard to investigate.  No kitten, not even a cat.  It was a little toddler  visiting the neighbors behind our house.  She was sitting in the yard making the high-pitched kitten sounds.  They were so realistic it even fooled Chimi!  I guess he wasn't angry, he was just highly intrigued and wanted to save the day.  This dog doesn't have raised hackles, but I thought Tier would like the photo.
Tier:  A real life Puddles!