Monday, March 25, 2013

Say "NO" to Sweets

Our snow is melting and will probably be gone tomorrow.  It has just been raining for the last few hours. (I know no one comes to my blog for weather reports, but just in case your wondering.)  We are trained to go outside in the rain/snow/wind to do our business, but I hate actually taking a walk when there is anything wet on the ground. 

Both Chim and I have been so hungry lately.  Ever since Linda stopped mixing brown rice in with our wet food and chicken, we've been starving.  Those carbs really fill you up, but they also make you chubby.  I've lost 1/2 pound and now weigh 6.8.  Since my goal weight is 5 1/2 pounds, that's a great loss!  Even Chimi has lost a pound.  His ribs are showing again.  We only get one or two small cookie bites a week on the days PW walks us.  Linda's weight loss has stalled because ice cream keeps sneaking into her freezer and ending up in her belly.

Linda had such a blast subbing the Aqua Boot Camp earlier this evening.  There were 8 new people who never did a water class.  After, they all came up to tell her how fun it was.  One of her regular students said it was the best class she ever taught.  It was hard and her muscles are exhausted.  She is really looking forward to bedtime.  Every night when Linda gets into her soft, comfy warm bed, she does a happy wiggle. 
This would be so cute to hang over The Big Bed