Saturday, March 16, 2013

You Can't Make Me Look

"This new table is totally crowding my bed."
Linda loves our new kitchen set.  She was worried it wouldn't be tall enough for her 5'10" body (the shortest in her family by the way.)  Just to give you some perspective on the size, she made me stand on the table.  I was very upset and wouldn't look at the camera no matter how much she begged me.  The stools are so tall that she has to stand on tip-toe to sit on them!  They are the perfect tall person stools, but her vertically challenged friends won't find it too easy.  The table is high enough so your legs don't touch the bottom when you sit.  It's also very, very sturdy.  The color, size, price and overall look is exactly what she has been searching for.  When she has time, she is going to go to the site and give it 5 stars along with the 18 other buyers who rated it a full 5.  To be fair, she didn't put it together (thanks Rich!) so she's not sure on the ease of all the pieces fitting properly.  At church tomorrow she'll ask him if he had any issues. 

I'm glad we got our walk earlier with Jerry because Linda has to start getting ready for her work meeting (and she's only been home 30 minutes!)  She's not sure why, but she is feeling like she is going to win one of the door-prizes.  Just to be sure she won't be starving when she gets there (and probably finds no vegetarian food) she already ate lunch.  There WILL be cake, which is always vegetarian!