Sunday, March 24, 2013

Napping and Over Reacting

It's been awhile since I've posted a cuddly Chimi picture.  He actually puts himself in these positions, Linda doesn't arrange him that way.  He'll burrow all the way under the top blanket, then work his head up until it rests against her body under her arm.  He'll stare at just like this photo and fight closing his eyes for an hour.  Chimi is probably the most affectionate and gentle dog on the planet.  Linda always wonders what happened to him in those first weeks of life to make him so afraid of everyday objects and sudden movements.  The other day he was startled by the plastic trash bag that Linda was putting outside.  He is now quaking whenever she takes a new bag out to put in the bin. 

That is a cute picture of Chimi, but this is an even cuter picture of Penelope.  Her Mommy and Daddy have been taking her hiking with the mega-carry-me back pack Linda got them for Christmas.  Sarah said it was a beautiful day.  Pen is so comfy in her pack that she fell asleep!  Taylor has actually been running 5 miles with Penny on his back.  He said she LOVES!! it, smiling and laughing the whole way. 

When Linda saw this photo, she didn't think "Wow, look at that beautiful scenery and happy family!" She thought "ACK! You are standing too close to the water!"  How did she get so overprotective from being a Mom to being a Grandmother?  She would like to encompass Penny in bubble wrap or make her wear a helmet, elbow and knee pads while she plays.  Taylor used to jump off the deck into snow piles and ride his bike over homemade ramps.  She would just shake her head and keep making dinner.  In fact, when she posted the Noah pet farm pictures the other day, she can't believe she let him actually touch the farm animals. What if they had fleas or germs? What if a baby lamb nipped his fingers?  What if he fell in a pile of poop?  Yikes, she better chill.  Growing up, Linda would ride on busy streets in the back of a pickup truck, play on the train trestle over the river and drink right out of the old, rusty hose in her backyard.