Thursday, February 28, 2013

Miss Dog Whisperer

Chimi did amazing today at the groomers getting his nails cut!  Linda was so proud of him.  There were a few yips and he was shaking, but he didn't flip-out.  Past attempts at nail trimming have been disastrous.  Once a groomer did 2 nails on one paw and refused to cut the rest.  The Vet's office was even worse.  It took 2 techs to hold him and 1 to clip.  His cries and doggie screams could be heard through the entire building.  Another time he had to be muzzled and pinned down. Linda didn't really want to use the lady-wrestler groomer again since Chim was traumatized for a week after.  This girl at Pet Smart was just like Cesar.  She had Chimi stand on the table and she quietly and calmly clipped his nails.  He didn't try to jump off and the whole process was 2 minutes start to finish.  The Dog Whisperer would have been impressed.

As you can tell, she couldn't get an appointment for my haircut. Every time she called my regular groomer, the phone went to voice mail.  Maybe she'll take me to Pet Smart and have the same girl do my style. 
I'm still cute even with crazy hair