Saturday, February 9, 2013

Really Want a Cupcake!

Its early on Saturday and Linda is already back at home under the covers.  She started to feel sickly when she woke up this morning, but was determined to try to get through as many classes as possible. Unfortunately, she was light-headed, dizzy and weak trying to teach her Aqua class on the deck.  She mostly sat in the chair and called the moves out. That is when she decided that teaching her 3 extra classes wasn't such a good idea.  Driving home was even a bigger challenge.  It was all good until she got to our driveway and came inches from smashing into our mailbox.  She also sneezed so hard that she banged her head into the steering wheel and it left a mark!

Tonight is her church care team party at 5:00 and she really wants to attend.  If she still feels this way, it would be to everyone benefit if she stays home.  The meeting is where folks go over all the highlights from the teachings and sermons from the last month and shares how the principles are working in their lives.  Plus, Connie makes really amazing cookies, cupcakes and cakes.  These are the treats she made Tierney for her birthday.
Tierney loves nautical and leopard print fashions

The cupcakes spelled out her name!