Monday, February 18, 2013

For the Birds

Taylor and Sarah have a problem with Buzzards, or Turkey Vultures roosting on their townhouse.  The birds are big and scary, but they really don't harm anything.  Linda read the entire Wiki page and learned all about them.  They won't eat pets (unless your pet happens to be a small chipmunk) or attack children.  They don't carry disease and they won't eat dead smelly things, they prefer a freshly killed carcass.  The big birds are even protected under some bird treaty act from a long time ago.
Anyway, it is freaky for everyone to hear them hissing and grunting while they spread their wings or soar around as your walking.  I guess they poop everywhere too and wreck the roofs of the townhouse.  The home owner association has hired a company to get rid of the vultures.  Taylor said the workers are going to set off fireworks and use some kind of laser lights to scare them off since they are not allowed to kill them dead.  It actually worked in a neighborhood not to far from them,  but of course the birds are just going to move to another place close by and the next home owners association will have to deal with them.
If you want to know more about vultures or just hear a guy singing a pretty hysterical song about how great vultures are, watch the clip.  At 1:20, a song starts... including the lyrics "they like to look for dead beagles on the side of the road."  There  is even a website devoted to the love and care of vultures and how to attract them to your yard. 

These are the birds on Taylor's roof.  They are much larger than they look in the photo.