Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Be Strong

This is such a cute picture of Penny enjoying some cookies and milk with her Daddy.  I doubt Penny actually got to taste the cookie though.  She only eats healthy things like veggies, fruit and tiny cubes of cut up protein.  Tomorrow, Penny will be 10 months old already!  It feels like we've had her forever but at the same time it's feels like she was just born. 

Look at her go up the stairs! Penny is so strong!  It's a new trick she just started doing this weekend.  Sarah wondered how she learned it.  Maybe all the times she watched me run up the stairs on Sunday had something to do with it! 

Linda was really hoping there would be snow and school delay this morning so her first two classes would be canceled.  Last night she re-tweaked her back during Body Combat and it's still painful. She had to stay on the deck for her next class (Aqua) right after Combat and take it easy.  A morning/afternoon of rest would have been really nice.  Oh well, Linda will just have to be strong and not get discouraged that her back has flared up again.  She has taught before with much worse injuries.  Since both classes are circuit style, she'll just do more "coaching" and not actually do every single rep/step of the classes just this once.
Be Strong & Courageous