Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Job Ever

Ever since I can remember, Linda has had the same exact teaching schedule.  Sometimes she adds a few classes, or drops a few.. but it always equals out to teaching about 20 a week.   The classes include everything from TKD (easy on her body) to Aqua Boot Camp (kind of hard), to Combat (harder on her body) and the absolute hardest: the Les Mills 3-5 year old Kid Fit class.  The Kid Fit classes are only 30 minutes, but keeping 18 little kids moving while pretending your a bear, elephant, racecar, Transformer, and a galloping pony in a basketball court is exhausting.  Linda LOVES her job and is not complaining, it's just been a tiring few weeks.  Today during the 3-4 year old TKD class, she could hardly teach because one little boy kept hugging her leg and telling her how much he just loved her.  She just let him cling to her knee while she showed the rest of the kids high blocks and low blocks. It was quite a quad workout.

Someday Linda will have to get a real job with a desk and have to wear something other than baggy white pants and bare feet or Under Armour and sneakers.  Until then, she is going to keep teaching and enjoy every single second of it.