Sunday, February 24, 2013

Woobie Woes

It was finally time to retire Chimi's Skunk woobie.  All that was left of Skunk was a ragged torso.  The head and paws were totally chewed off.  Linda got tired of vacuuming up black fuzzy clumps and strings off the carpet every day, so into the trash it went. 
 Linda picked up a fleecy baby blanket at the $$ store today.  She tied a knot in the middle so he could carry it around. It was a fraction of the price of his normal woobies and it didn't have any stuffing to strew around.  Immediately Blue Blanket became his favorite toy.  He did what he always does with a new woobie.  He drags it around into every room of the house giving it a grand tour.  The first 10 minutes were great. Then this happened...

"What puppy?"
He chewed the puppy design right off the blanket!  Why-Oh-Why can't he just make his Woobies last longer than 15 minutes?  Linda gets so frustrated with him.  Maybe she should just ween him off any sort of security blanket.  
Close-up of the destruction
He still loves it though