Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blue Bear

It was a whopping 18 degrees this morning when we woke up.  So cold that we had to race outside, take care of business and come back inside.  I'm so glad we didn't get any of the 3' of snow that fell up North.  Linda thinks snow is pretty, but we have a lot of steps, sidewalk and driveway to shovel.  Plus, she has to do the deck steps, part of the deck and an area of the backyard for us to go to the bathroom.  (My legs are about 3" long, so even a few inches of snow is a challenge for me to walk in!)
This was only 1/2 way through the storm 3 years ago
 We ended up not walking at all yesterday.  Linda did feel better after she slept for a few hours and was able to go to her HFG meeting (home fellowship group.)  She wasn't hungry for any of the food though (but she did have a slice of Connie's home-made Valentine-Birthday cake.) 

Speaking of Valentine's Day, Linda can't wait to put a little present together for Penny.  She bought her a Blue Bear just like her Daddy used to have. Blue Bear went with Taylor everywhere until he was about 5 years old. (There was actually a Blue Bear 1 and a Blue Bear 2 when the first one started to lose it's stuffing.)  Blue Bear sat on Taylor's bed at home for about 6 months after he married Sarah.  It would make Linda teary eyed every time she went in his room.