Monday, February 11, 2013

Weird Weather and a Weirder Dog

The weather man reported it might hit 60 degrees later today.  How can it be 18 one day and 60 the next?  Linda said that growing up, all the seasons would obey the rules.  She never remembers the temps being 60's in the winter or snowfalls in the spring. 

Chim finally got a new woobie yesterday.  The white fleece was down to about a 2" square.  Linda got him a Flat Skunk (just like the Flat Coyote, Wolf, and Fox he had before) but he hates it.  Last night he cried and cried for the old rag, totally ignoring Flat Skunk on the floor in front of him.  He is the most neurotic and mixed-up dog she's ever had.  Besides being a beast, 16.8 pounds of muscled Chihuahua, he has a loving and sweet temperament so unlike the problem Chi's she's heard about. We've watched some pretty bad cases of Chihuahuas on The Dog Whisperer.  Chim is different.
There is even a "Chihuahua from Hell" Dog Whisperer episode. (Chim would NEVER do this though)

He's afraid of 1,000's of weird things (like plastic bags, paperback books, leaves, mail, slight breezes, etc, etc, etc) but he'll cuddle on your lap for hours and give you licks.  He also LOVES people, even folks he's never met.  It's like they are his long lost owner and he's finally reunited after years apart.  Sometimes he has a nervous breakdown if a kid on a bike or a baby stroller passes by him, other times he acts like it's not even there.  Forget about trying to get his coat on.  He'll flop around like a rag doll and cry like your pinching him.  He'll sit and stare at Linda forever, just inches from her face.  Right now he's doing it and actually falling asleep sitting up.  It's like he doesn't want her to sneak away without him knowing about it.

I'm such a normal dog who does normal dog things and has normal dog feelings.

"I'm just WAY cuter than normal dogs"
P.S.  If you google "World's Biggest Chihuahua" Chim is in the fourth line and has about 5 other pictures on the first page of hits!  But when you google "World's Cutest Chorkie" my picture doesn't show up til the last line of the first page!  How unfair is that???