Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We'll Be Good

Linda didn't sleep very much last night.  This time, it wasn't her insomnia keeping her up.  Both Chim and I are totally to blame.  The night started just like normal.  I always fall asleep on The Big Bed while she reads. According to Linda, I snore really loud the first 15 minutes I'm asleep.  I don't believe it for a second though.  Chim went quietly to his bed in the bathroom with no fuss.  When Linda finally turned out the light, I started moving around on the bed trying to find a comfortable spot.  She usually has a sweatshirt in the laundry pile that she puts on the bed for my "blanket."  Last night, there wasn't any laundry in her room, so I had to just sleep on the bedspread.  After about 40 times of digging on the covers trying to make a good spot, I fell asleep.  An hour later, Chimi started crying in his bed.  Linda tried to ignore him and fall back asleep.  That woke me up and I had to dig another 40 holes to make my spot comfy.  All the scratching sounds really riled Chim up and he wailed to come out.  It must have been 3 a.m. before we all slept until 6:30 when the alarm went off.  If we don't stay quite tonight, Linda is going to move Chim to the downstairs bathroom and put one of my beds in the family room and shut her bedroom door.

"You should have gotten  me a clean sweatshirt to sleep on."