Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Sunday Fun

Linda had such a busy weekend.  She's so thankful for our loyal dog walkers or Chim and I would have been cooped up inside without a break for 8-10 hour stretches.  Linda trusts us not to make a mess inside, but there have been accidents when we have to hold it that long. 

Saturday was a long tiring work day but Sunday was one of her favorite days ever.  Taylor and Sarah went Snowboarding/skiing for weekend, so Nana and Grammy took care of Penny.  She was with Linda all day on Sunday.  After church, Linda took her back to Sarah's for lunch and her nap.  Taylor left these two bottles of diet Coke in the fridge for Linda.
The Second bottle says "In case Penny wears you out!"

Penny was wonderful, happy and a very good girl all day.  Linda didn't even need the second caffeine boost.  She did need Taylor to leave directions on how to turn on their TV though.  To watch TV growing up, Linda pulled out a little silver knob, turned it to the right to raise the volume and used the channel knob to twist to a different station.  Even with our simple remote at home, Linda sometimes gets confused.  This is what you need to know to watch Taylor's high tech TV. There were 4 different remotes, a giant flat screen, PS3 and a "woofer" that had to be used for Linda to watch Netflix.

After Penny woke up, Linda bought her back to our house and Penny and I played for awhile.  She loves me so much.  It was just like Noah, no matter where I scooted to, she crawled after me.  She wants to sit right by me, but she doesn't touch me like Noah did.  She just claps and screeches in glee.  Every time I went out of her line of vision, she would whip her head around and call for me "Ga-Ga-Ga!!! "  (Baby talk for Choopie)

Sarah and Taylor had a great time on the slopes, but they were sure glad to get their darling daughter back into their arms.

Sarah skiing a Black Diamond slope.  Linda would be on the Bunny Hill all day.