Monday, February 25, 2013

Nana Had a Little Lamb

Penelope looks so cute in her little lamb hoodie.  She was such a good girl at the restaurant tonight.  Sarah and Linda got there first and were waiting for Taylor to arrive.  When Penny saw him, she screeched "DA DA DA" at the top of her lungs.  It was so adorable that no one could have minded even for a second.  The entire rest of dinner she quietly ate her grapes and Cheerios. 
Linda was doing some online shopping for some spring/summer clothes for Penny.  There were so many cute outfits and shoes she wanted to buy her.  These shoes would be so cute on her and match her hoodie.  Every girl needs leopard print boat shoes.  Just ask Aunt Tierney. 
So cute!
Lobster barrette
Aunt Tierney would also love this little lobster hair clip on her darling niece.  It would match all of Penny's nautical attire (Buy it for her Tier! it's on Zuily today.)