Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Chimi is totally spooked and doesn't trust Linda one bit right now.  He is hiding behind the laptop and won't come near her.  A big scary thing happened to him a little while ago, and he's still not over it. 
Linda just got her new Body Pump and Combat releases in the mail.  She had them sitting on the arm of her very favorite chair while she loaded the CD's onto the laptop.  The plastic cases accidentally slid off the blanket and fell less than 1/2", landing on Chim while he was sleeping next to Linda. (In the space to the right of the CD's on the blue blanket.)  If you would have been in another room, you would have thought 2 bricks covered with pointy spikes landed on his side.  He screamed, yipped and totally flipped out.  A newborn baby would have kept sleeping and not budged an inch, that's how light they are.  Now he is petrified of the cases and runs away when he sees them.  Linda had to hide them on the bookshelf.

The same thing happened last year when Linda was reading a book.  The bottom of the book cover grazed his back and he had the same reaction.  He is afraid of books to this very day!  He is also afraid of the plastic bags that Linda uses to clean up after our walks.  When he was little, the bag touched him when Linda was bending down.  Yep, he's still afraid of them. 

P.S.  Linda really loves Chim and doesn't think he's a loser.  It's just that he is acts like a loser sometimes.  How can you be afraid of an empty plastic bag?