Wednesday, February 27, 2013


A few years ago, Linda took me to the Pet Expo held in our town. (This was before we had Chimi.) Thousands of people are in the building at one time and 1/2 that many dogs.  I had to be carried or else I would have been stepped on for sure.   I met dogs that were 150 pounds heavier than me and I met some dogs that were the same size as me!
I was more scared of this dog than the giant one!
There were so many different treats and cookies for sale, all for dogs.  Look at those pretzels, donuts and cannolis! Linda bought me a few cookies, but I probably wouldn't eat them.  We haven't gone in the past few years because there is always a long line to get in and tickets are very expensive.  Instead, Linda was reading about some of the new items at the Global Pet Expo for 2013.

If you want an unusual collar for your dog, just whip out the credit card and pay up to $420 for one of these handmade alligator leather collars. You can get them adorned with pearls or real alligator teeth.
OK, this one is kind of pretty.
and this does have a life-time guarantee
If you have that much money, you might as well buy the leather leash for $299.  Chim would love this memory foam bed that has Kevlar stitching.  (He destroyed every single bed he's ever slept in.) I think he's going to have to stick with his blanket on the Costco pet bed because this one is $399.  (Linda said that is more than her mattress and box-spring.)
At least they could have done a pretty fabric.

Even if money was no object for Linda, she would never in a million years buy these kind of items for us.  Spending $700 on a leash and collar is ridiculous.  I bet Paris Hilton doesn't even spend that on doggie accessories for her Chi's.

Imagine if Linda tried to hold 4 Chimi's like this?