Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Service Dogs and Thinning Hair

Linda had a Facebook ad on the side of her page this morning that made her crack-up.  It said how easy it is to classify your Chihuahua as a "service" dog and take it anywhere.  Quote "planes, trains, restaurants and supermarkets are all permissible for service dogs."  If you know Chimi (who is a full Chihuahua) you would know that taking him on a plane or to a supermarket would NOT be a good idea.  Remember the pandemonium in the movie "Snakes on a Plane?"

  If Linda tried to take Chim on an airplane it would be way, way worse.  He would probably have a heart attack from fear.  If she tried to take him in a restaurant, she would have to drag his whimpering body along the floor while he flopped on his side like a wet noodle.  When he's scared, all the bones in his body seem to melt and he gets all droopy.    

There were also advertisements on her FB page to lose 28 pounds in a month, restore her thinning hair, erase all her wrinkles and find out her body's real age by taking a quiz.  (Don't forget about the one to meet "Christian men" in her area looking for love.)  Linda hardly ever posts to Facebook, and when she does it's not about her age, hair, body or relationship status.  She doesn't even have any of the profile information filled out, so why does she get those ads?