Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Chicken for Every (Crock) Pot

It's a good thing Linda just made a huge crock pot of our chicken and rice dinners.  She found some chicken parts on sale for really cheap, and cooked them all at once.  She then freezes baggies for later.  If the government does furloughs like predicted, one of the departments that would be hit is the meatpacking plants. Without USDA inspectors, the price of meat would skyrocket since meat could not be delivered to the stores.  It's terrible for the workers and their families, small businesses that rely on income from meat sales and all the people (and animals) who love to eat meat.  If it happens, it won't be til March, but I bet people are going to start buying meat in the coming weeks to put in the freezer before it might be scarce. 

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