Friday, February 15, 2013


Linda's prediction about sore glutes and quads came true.  Yep, she's pretty sore alright.  Plus she taught another Body Pump class today... (same mix of songs) so shes guessing she'll be sore tomorrow too.  Saturdays class schedule is long, 9-1:00, but it's such a fun day of teaching that it goes by fast.  Before she has any Saturday night fun, she is going to do a super-deep house cleaning.  Our house is the messiest it's ever been, and Linda just hates that.  OK, maybe not the messiest.
I guess this room qualifies as the worst
Finding this photo reminded Linda that she still needs to paint Taylor's old bedroom.  It's a bright blue, a pretty color but it doesn't match all our neutral brown, ecru and taupe walls we already have.  She feels pretty confident that she could do it herself, but she needs to gather up all the proper tools and buy paint. 
These are the exact colors of our living room, right down to the hardwood floor.  The only difference is the layout and about 4,000 square feet.