Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Laundry and Clippers

When Taylor was a baby, Linda used to put him in the laundry basket and push him all around the house.  He would laugh and clap.  Now, Penelope is riding in his footsteps!  Sarah said she was loving the laundry basket fun yesterday.  I think Penny even fell asleep in the warm clothes at one point.  I love warm laundry.  No matter where I'm hiding, when Linda yells "Laundry Choopie" I know a warm load just came out of the dryer.  I'll come running and burrow down under the pile while she folds.
"This is so comfy Mommy"

This Thursday, Linda is planning on taking me to the groomers to get my hair cut.  Spring is just 3 weeks away.  My fur is its usually long, hot-mess. We keep in long for winter so I stay warm, and then go for the short style in spring and late summer.  I like my hair short, but I could do without the bows and bandanna.  Chim is also going to get his nails cut too.  The last time it took three vet assistants to hold him and one clipping person.  He had to wear a muzzle because he was howling and crying at the top of his lungs.  You know how he acts if a piece of paper touches his fur, imagine trying to cut his nails?  Another time Pet Smart did one nail once and refused to finish.  They couldn't deal with the drama. One time Linda tried a groomer that has been in business for 30 years.  When the worker girls couldn't do it, the old lady owner came out.  She put Chim in some kind of wrestling pin against her body and used a stern voice to subdue him.  He couldn't move an inch and the tech was able to cut all his nails in 1 minute.
These were the "after shots"