Thursday, February 21, 2013

They're Gone

Linda did her usual visit to spend time with Penny today and noticed something very different.  When she drove through the townhouse development, all the giant buzzards were gone.  Not a bird on any of the rooftops!  As she walked from the parking lot to Sarah's townhouse, she did notice that there was one bird in the tree.  Except it wasn't sitting on a branch, it was hanging upside down!  Linda was hoping it it was just doing a circus trick.
Um... I don't think so Linda.
Sarah said the bird management company mentioned they might take one bird and make an example what would happen to the whole flock if they didn't skedaddle.  It's kind of sad that it had to come to that and they just wouldn't get the hint and find some woods to live in.  There was a lot of roof damage that the homeowners will have to fix now that they have vacated the property.

Penny didn't seem one bit impressed that the birds were gone.  She fell asleep in Nana's lap while Linda read her one of her favorite books. 

 Look at those amazing eyelashes!

Be sure to turn the sound all the way up on your computer and listen to her little snores.  It was so cute that Linda's heart was melting.  Penny only slept for about 10 minutes and woke up happy and ready for her lunch.