Friday, February 1, 2013

Cute Things

"Nana, What are you doing way over there?  Come read me my Bible stories!"
Linda had such a great time with Penelope yesterday.  Penny's not taking much of a morning nap anymore, so they had lots of time to play together.  Her favorite thing to do is read books.  She'll read the same book 10 times in a row and not get tired of it.  Aunt Tierney had her books memorized by the time she was 3 and could "read" them back to Linda.  I bet Penelope will be doing the same thing.

Chimi's cold after going out in the snow this morning.
We woke up to a dusting of snow, but there isn't a school delay so Linda has her regular classes.  She's getting ready to leave in a few minutes, so Chimi is getting all his snuggle time in while he can. Sometimes she'll be gone for 4 hours and come back to find him under the covers curled up in the exact same spot she left him in.  Are all Chihuahua's "under the blanket" kind of dogs? 

These two pairs of sandals are for Tierney to enjoy while she suffers through winter not being able to wear her beloved flip-flops.  I think she would probably like to buy both pairs to add to her shoe collection.  (P.S.  Tier, Linda says thank you for taking her for the Bare Minerals make-over last night. She had fun and promises to do better wearing more makeup.)