Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snuggle Dog

I know yesterday you must have missed the daily photo of Chim snuggled against Linda taking his morning nap. 
He likes to have 90% of his body under the blankets and either pressed up against her or on top of her.  Sometimes he finds a good position where he is under the covers and totally on her lap or legs.

This morning he was pouting because Linda wouldn't let him lay on her lap.  If she is reading or watching the news, he's allowed to choose his own position.  If she is on the laptop, he has to lay next to her since there isn't extra space for a 15 pound dog.  He kept gazing at her with these begging eyes for her to move the laptop.  It was making her heart melt.  

Please don't feel bad for me.  I'm not a morning dog and would rather be alone in one of my comfortable beds.  If Linda has chair time in the evening, I am usually up there with them.