Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting Fit

Even though it's cold (but not as freezing as it's been) Jerry came while Linda was teaching to walk us for 40 minutes!  Linda can't believe we went that long AND that Chimi walked on snow covered sidewalks.  Most everything is melted, but there is a light dusting in some spots.  He's brave sometimes and afraid of his shadow other times.  We really needed the exercise.  Linda hasn't weighed me, but it's getting hard for her to pick me up with one hand.  I really need to lose a few pounds and strengthen my heart. Chim needs to burn off excess energy so he's not so wound up in the evening.

Linda had a fun day teaching, but is exhausted.  She is so happy that she is able to add another Saturday class.  Today she had fourteen 2-6 year olds in the Les Mills Kids Class. Helping kids get and stay fit is one of her passions.  Plus, she got to spar all her students in TKD.  Right now the couch is calling her name for a quick nap before grocery shopping and chores.