Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Air Ambulance to the Rescue

We all had a scare this morning.  Linda thought her heat pump was getting ready to blow up in the backyard because she heard a very loud huge rumbling noise.  She ran out on the deck to check on the unit and discovered this instead:
Of course the loud sound made Chimi scared; I actually was a little nervous too!

 A helicopter was positioned, without moving one inch, directly over our backyard! Ten minutes later it was still there!! Not circling.. just perfectly still.  At first Linda thought a bad guy was hiding in her yard and there was a manhunt in progress, but there weren't any cops in front of the house or patrolling the street.  Finally, she searched the Twitter page of our local County Police department and saw that a terrible accident had closed our main road in both directions.  She was in the shower when it happened, so that is why she didn't hear the crash or any sirens. It was a medivac waiting to land on the scene. Linda left extra early for the gym, since she wasn't sure how many detours she would have to take and didn't want to be late.  She did have to take some detours, but was able to see the accident scene.  The cars involved were at least 50 yards apart, the SUV must have rolled a bunch of times.  The only way she even knew it was an SUV is because the news reported it.  The car was so badly crushed that she couldn't tell the make, model or even color.  She was hoping that The Jaws of Life pulled the roof off because if it not... it doesn't look like anyone could have survived.  Coming home from the gym took 3x as long because the road was still closed and traffic had gotten worse.  Later, she heard on the news that it was actually a police pursuit that resulted in the crash. The police pulled back and let the car go when the chase entered a school zone, but the fleeing car never stopped and ran a red light.