Thursday, January 31, 2013

Puppy Bowl

There is so much buzz on the internet about this Sunday's Super Puppy Bowl.  It's been a yearly tradition to hold a Puppy Bowl (with a kitten half-time show) before the actual Super Bowl. If  Chimi was a player in this game when he was little, he would have been MVP for sure.  He would have destroyed he toy they play with on the first play of the game.  Look, this pup from a past game looks a little bit like him! He's even making a face like Chim makes when things don't go his way.  If Linda remembers, she is going to turn it on for us to watch.  If there is a lot of barking, it will hold our attention and we'll probably enjoy it.

  Linda was trying to think back the last time she watched the Super Bowl.  It was before Tierney and Taylor were actually born, maybe in the early 80's?  Even if the home-town team was playing, she still wouldn't watch it.  Watching strangers play sports isn't her thing.  She'd gladly go watch her friends bowl or Taylor play in a flag football at midnight (she's kind of glad that's over though.) 

"Nana!  Why are you posting this unflattering photo of me??"
"This one is way better."