Thursday, January 24, 2013

Schools Delayed

This mornings snowfall on our deck
A few years ago.  The blue chair is on the right under the pile
I know people in Oswego, New York are chuckling at our snow dusting that delayed schools.  The other day, they had up to 32" of snow fall in 24 hours.  Kind of reminds me of our snow storm a few years ago.  These pictures are on our deck. That snow covered our blue chairs and table!  Better safe than sorry though.  The school bus that stops in front of our house has to go down a pretty steep hill with cars parked along both sides of the road.  A friend of Linda's said he came very close to crashing his car driving to work this morning.  She'll have to be very careful driving to Penny's since her KIA isn't known for doing so good in the snow.  (Where, oh where are you old all-wheel drive Subaru with the heated seats?  Why did you have to have so many engine issues??)