Friday, January 25, 2013


One of the main reasons that Chimi stopped sleeping in The Big Bed was because of this very problem.  He would sleep with some part of his body on top of her.  The second she changed positions, he thought it was time to wake up and eat or go outside.  It was so bad that if I changed positions, he would wake up and sniff me to make sure I wasn't eating a cookie or having fun without him. 

I don't mind if Linda moves around, she just can't reach for the iPhone to check the time or hit the snooze button.  No matter what time it is 4:30 a.m. or 7:00 a.m,, if she picks up the phone I jump off the bed and need to go outside.  Early this morning she was very stealth about it too.  She listened to be sure I was sound asleep (I snore) before she slowly checked the time.  Somehow I know she's not just moving her arm, but seeing how much longer she could stay warm under the covers.  There isn't any languishing in bed with dogs.  I woke up and jumped down.  When Chim hears me hit the floor, he wakes up from his bed in the bathroom and wants to go outside too. 

Linda used to have one of those lighted digital alarm clocks.  She had to get rid of it because when she has insomnia, she checks it every 15 minutes to see how much time she has left to try and fall asleep. I guess she'll just keep waking up earlier and use the extra time wisely.