Sunday, January 6, 2013


For football fans in the DC area, today is The BIG DAY.  The Redskins are in the playoffs. Linda will actually be watching the game (until she gets too bored) because look where Taylor is sitting!  He is in the third row back behind the Redskin bench.  The chances of her catching a glimpse of him is probably less than .0005 percent, but you never know!  Linda is so happy for him that he got to go to the game. 
The weather so far today is perfect football weather.  You can see the throwing guy wearing shorts.  By night, it's probably going to be freezing.  I hope Taylor is wearing warm clothes. 

P.S.  Linda kept seeing HTTR on Facebook and had no idea what it meant.  After googling the letters, she discovered it means Hail To The Redskins.  I guess that shows she's not a football fan