Friday, January 11, 2013

Is It Spring?

"Linda, where exactly am I supposed to go to the bathroom?"

Get out your flip-flops and shorts, the temperature will be in the high 60's in the next few days! One report Linda heard said it might hit 70 on Sunday!  So far this winter, we've had just a dusting of snow that lasted a few hours before it melted.  If you like interesting weather facts (which I know you all do!) take note: "Since 1887, Washington has experienced six winters during which fewer than 3 inches of snow fell. Since record-keeping began, two winters saw only a trace of snow."  There have been a few mega storms, one being during the winter of 2009-10 where the snow completely covered Linda's car and the table on our deck. You can see how much the snow was piling up in the above photo.  The National Weather Service says our area experiences a 12-inch or more snowstorm about once in ever 8 years.  According to the graph (Linda is not a graph or a map expert) the pattern looks like it needs to take a turn spiking up some to maybe 10-15 inches.  What do you think?

Or maybe Linda won't have to shovel her driveway, steps, deck and sidewalks at all this winter!!
(Info and quotes from WTOP.. traffic and weather on the 8's)