Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mischief and DIY

Chim and I got into some mischief today while Linda was trying to take a nap.  She got home from church and her lunch-bunch outing, fed us some dry food and then took a nap.   Because she was tired, she didn't notice that the bottom cabinet door where she keeps our food.. and plastic container of treats...was left slightly ajar.  She wasn't all the way asleep when she heard something fall over and then a lot of barking.  It's a good thing she decided to get off the comfy chair to see what the ruckus was about.  Chim and I opened the cabinet and knocked the treat container onto the floor.  We were barking at it trying to get it open to get at the cookies! 
If we would have gotten it open and ate all the treats, Linda would have had to perform CPR on us.

Linda found two Do-it-yourself projects that she wants to do.  The first one is using something that we already have at home.  An old, yucky dresser turned into a nice table for the TV.  Now that our den is all fixed up, the TV on top of the dresser looks terrible.  This looks easy and inexpensive, just some paint, baskets and some draw pulls.  

The second one is a desk/vanity for Linda's hopefully soon to be closet bedroom.  She'll have to buy an old crib from a yard sale, but this project looks easy too!