Monday, January 21, 2013

Bon Voyage!

Tierney and Taylor will remember back in the day when our house didn't have any furniture.  No living room sofa.  No dining room table.  No kitchen chairs.  It was totally empty.  Each bedroom had a mattress on the floor.  In the family room, there was an old end table with a TV and yep... a mattress on the floor.  Linda didn't mean for a whole year to go by without furniture.  She gave it all away and immediately went shopping to replace it all the next day. Except there was nothing she liked.  Every weekend she would go to a different store, and could never find anything that spoke to her.  The plus side was it was easy to clean the house.  The downside was you had to sit on the floor if you visited. After at least 13 months of looking,  a new collection from National Geographic arrived at a store she'd been to 25 times.  It was a British Safari theme.  There was a virtual home set up as soon as you walked in the store.  Linda stopped in her tracks and knew it was exactly what she'd been waiting for.  She bought it all.  The fabrics were custom ordered and about 8 weeks later it arrived.  That was years and years ago and she still loves it just as much today.

The same thing happened today when she saw this new collection from Restoration Hardware.  She had the exact feeling of discovering what she's been waiting for.  It belongs in our house.  Most people wouldn't look twice at it, but the vintage design and feel just screams "GET IT NOW" to her.

Not a white sofa though.
Look at the trunk!  And the surveyors lamp!  It's called the Mayfair Leather Collection.  It also comes in metal, but that only whispers to her. 

 It has the look and feel of old steamer trunks used on ocean liners and trains.  We need (want) new furniture down in our family room.  This would be a absolutely perfect compliment to what we have upstairs.  Unfortunately, the price isn't so complimentary since we don't have a bazillion extra dollars.
I guess since Linda is only dreaming about getting it, she'll also include this distressed vintage cigar leather secretary with a flip down desk. 

Maybe Restoration Hardware will read this post and give her the whole collection as a prize.  (That has happened before when she reviewed a product that she loved and the company saw the post.)