Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saving Time.. Not.

During the after Christmas sales, Linda bought a giant Crock Pot at a 75% off sale.  It's one of those counter top appliances she didn't need, but thought it would be perfect for making our food a few times a month.  It is great for that!  Throw chicken, rice, a bag of veggies and water.. press the low button and come back 6 hours later for perfect homemade dog food.  No muss, no fuss.  So much easier than the way she was doing it in the stove top, and such a time saver.. right?  Wrong.  Now that she has a Crock Pot, Linda is spending lots of time online looking for different recipes to try for her own dinners!  Just make 6 servings, and then freeze 5 for other nights when she teaches late and comes home hungry.  Probably like everyone else, she saves 100's of Pinterest recipes that she'll never-ever make.
Pinterest..Saving crafts, projects, recipes and fashion tips you'll never use
Linda's knee is feeling much better than yesterday.  She is still going to just "teach" her first 2 classes today and not actually do the moves with weights (or high TKD kicks) That way she'll hopefully be OK to jump and high knee run in her 5:30 Combat launch tonight. 
One Combat launch they dressed up like Superheros!