Friday, January 11, 2013


It may look like Penelope's crying, but she is just letting Sarah know that she is King of the Nursery and can Rwarrrrr! super loud. When she screeches in excitement, it sometimes sounds more like an eagle getting ready to land on its prey than a lion though.  I think in this photo she is saying "NANAAAAAAA!" Where are you?? 

Sarah made Penny a little play area in the living room.  Now she has her own space with a special cow rug (hopefully it's not from one of Sarah's pet cows she had growing up) and a toy box.  Just for safety, Penny can't actually get her own toys out until Taylor puts a special latch on it so the top doesn't close on her by accident.  I think you can tell by the look on her face how happy she is about it.
Everyone has seen this story already, but I just have to post about it since Penny was practicing her lion roar this morning.  More than a few 911 calls came in to report a loose lion roaming a neighborhood.  The lion turned out to be a dog running off the leash with a "lionish" hair cut!  This is just too funny.
My fur is long enough right now to get this exact same grooming style.  Do you think I should?  The color would be wrong, but I could still pull it off!