Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Days of Sheba

It's supposed to be the coldest day we've had in 2 years.  Wind chills will be in the signal digits.  Both Chim and I did NOT want to go outside this morning, but Linda said "I'm Watching You" when she opened the sliding glass door.  If she says that, we know she means business and that we better go down the steps to the yard or she stomps her feet on the deck and it scares us.  I know it's not as freezing as some places in the US where temps get in the below zero double digits, but Linda is pretty much cold all the time. She wears her coat during church; has 3 or 4 big blankets on The Big Bed and wears LLBean thick hiking socks to bed.  Linda's old dog Sheba was a full breed Siberian Husky.  She LOVED the cold weather. It would be hard to get her to come inside.
Her eyes were sky blue but always photographed red!
Sheba could catch a bird mid-flight.  She loved to run (away.)  Linda had to bail her out of the pound more than once because she dug under our wood fence to escape and a few times she chewed through the slats to make a hole.  People thought she was a wolf.  Sheba always had to have the last word and would whine and cry if Linda tried to get her to obey.  Only get a Husky if you want a dog to defy you at ever turn.  Of course they are really warm dogs to cuddle with and she loved everyone.