Thursday, January 10, 2013


Linda is about to shut us both in the downstairs bathroom.  She got home from work at 6:56 p.m.; and we have assaulted her with 50 minutes of non-stop barking, yipping and crying.  We've been out in the backyard, we had our dinner and she gave us both lots of rubs and pets.  Nothing is working to calm us down.  Linda is always laid back and chill.  There's not much that gets her spun up... except when we act like this.  Linda took a video of us being extremely dramatic.. but it's not uploading. (Just like the last two videos of Penny. Drats!)
  It Is Now Twenty Minutes Later
....... Linda ate dinner, did a few chores and it's now 8:19.  We are still crying and barking.  NON-STOP for almost an hour and twenty minutes.  If she wasn't achy from teaching her classes, she would put her sneakers back on and take us running until we were too tired to bark. 

Penelope, on the other hand, was just darling today.  There was lots of smiling, laughing and playtime before she went down for her nap.  Today is Sarah's birthday.  Happy Birthday Sarah!! Even though you are really not a dog person, I still love when you come over and visit. 
The Birthday Girl and the Boy Who Loves Her.

UPDATE:  Chimi cried all night because his Woobie was in his bed and he couldn't get to it because the door was shut.  The second Linda figured it out and opened the bedroom door, he sprinted in and rescued it.  He's been napping and sucking Woobie, totally content.  I was just wound up and barking because he was unhappy.