Friday, January 11, 2013

Hostess (Not the Cupcakes)

We've got company coming over tomorrow evening.  Not just one or two of Linda's friends, but 23 of her friends!  It's our turn to host the monthly small-group from church.  Some people think our house is far from church. There are lots of people who live less than 5 minutes or even walking distance!  In non-rush hour, Linda has gotten home from church in 8 minutes.  Since the folks are coming at 5:00 on a weekend, there shouldn't be hardly any traffic.  She loves when it is her turn to be Hostess.

Because Linda enjoys cleaning  (she really does!) she has been having a good time rearranging the furniture, cleaning the never-used family room and downstairs bathroom.  A lot of people need to fit in a very small space for the Bible study/sharing part, so the room is now basically empty except for the couch and two small tables.  By the time it is all set up, the whole room will be lined with folding chairs.  She also moved some furniture out of the den so the kids would have floor space to play. (Except we don't have any toys. They will have to bring their own.)

 Guess what party food she is making?  She is using her new Crock Pot to make meatball subs! With real meat. She also bought yummy sliced Provolone cheese to put on the rolls.  It is the first time meatballs have ever been made in our house. She is also cooking some vegetarian non-meatballs since 1 of the 23 people doesn't eat beef. 

That would be Linda!