Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Quite Morning

Linda was never so happy to go to bed last night.  She taught 4 classes Saturday, cleaned the entire house (well, a cleaning on top of the cleaning she did yesterday), baked brownies and cookies and then set up for the Bible study.  Her friend Bob offered to help with the outside chores.  He raked, pruned and weeded the entire front yard. It looks so good! One friend actually noticed the big difference from the last time she was over.  The first time Linda really sat down all day was at 6:00 p.m.  It's a good thing she picked an uncomfortable chair or she might have gotten drowsy during the meeting.
"What do you mean I make a lot of noise?"

 The house is so peaceful this morning.  Chimi had a sleepover at PW's last night.  It feels strange and empty without his clickty-clack paws on the hardwood, or his wiggly body trying to get under the afghan while Linda reads her Bible.  There is total silence in the house.  Even when he's napping, he talks in his sleep with little yips and moans or wakes up every 5 minutes to give Linda licks to make sure she is OK.  I went to Jerry's for the afternoon and evening while everyone was at our house.  We did 3 walks on the trail behind his TH and took 2 long naps.  I love visiting his house because I always get my rotisserie chicken from Wegmans for dinner. 
"My favorite bed matches my fur"

The meeting went great last night.  There were even two extra people that came, but we had just enough chairs.  Linda didn't think that 25 people could sit in our little family room and actually have room to breath.  Linda made 50 little meatballs and ended up sending 30 home with a carnivorous family.  People said they were good, there was just sooo much food: baked ziti, 3 large pizzas, pork roast, sloppy joes, taco casserole, fried chicken, PLUS all the sides, dips and desserts.  By 11:30 p.m., Linda had finished re-cleaning the house.  She always feels like she needs to clean again after a party.  She does the bathrooms, floors, dusting, mirrors, windows and kitchen exactly the same way she does it before people come over.  No joke, she had to stop herself from cleaning the bathrooms 1/2 way through the party.  There was a bunch of pink liquid soap squirted all over the sink (and back of the toilet??) but she left it there because cleaning your bathrooms during a party is just wrong.  Linda is not obsessive compulsive or a cleaning freak (to the people who don't like cleaning, it might seem that way though.)  She's just doesn't like any dust, clutter, spots, trash, stuff, streaks, or dirt anywhere where she can see. Plus, she loves seeing the "before and after" effect of cleaning.  Closets, cupboards, spare rooms and under the bed are definitely not neat.