Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Have a Seat

Here is our comfy new chair!  It only has one arm because it's the lounge part of a full set.  Linda likes it that way,  it is actually easier for her to get out of.  The chair is 100 times better than the old saggy love seat we had in there before.  She is keeping a quilt on it so Chimi doesn't scratch the leather with his nails when he jumps up.  My side is between the arm and Linda's body, Chim has the other side.  We cuddled with her last night while she watched Netflix.  It's now her favorite place to sit in the whole house. 

Today is usually her heavy teaching day, but she only had one class this morning.  Later one she is going to meet the family for dinner.  Whenever she only teaches one class, it's considered a day off work!