Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is It Spring?

We are having some pretty amazing weather! Parts of our area even got to 70 degrees this afternoon. It's not going to stay this way though. Weather guys are calling for flurries on Friday.  Today, Chimi got to split his time between napping in his doghouse (which he enjoys on nice days) and napping on Linda while she took a break between her classes.
He was sleeping so hard his eyes were rolled back in his head!

 You may wonder why Linda has a long sleeve shirt, fleece lined hoodie and is cuddled underneath a quilt when it's almost 70 degrees outside.  It's because our house is kind of cold.  She actually opened the window to warm it up some.  One of these days she is going to get the thermostat fixed, it's just that she hates spending money on stuff like that when she has perfectly good quilts and furry slippers to keep warm. Plus, whenever she is sitting still, there is a 15 pound Chihuahua with a very high metabolism pressed up against her body.  Linda's own personal heating pad.