Saturday, January 5, 2013

Calling all Geeks

Linda got the coolest Christmas present.. it's a Roku.  What's a Roku?  It's not one of those robot vacuums, although that is what it sounds like.  It's a little black box that makes it so you can get Netflix straight to your TV. It also gets Hulu, Games, Amazon and 100's of other things Linda will probably never use. 

The reason she wanted it is for Netflix. She is hoping she will be able to use the Rouk in the den instead of watching downstairs where the Xbox is hooked up.  There isn't a heat vent in the room where the Xbox lives, so it's freezing! (LONG story why the Xbox can move upstairs.. something about a hardwired split cable.)  Anyway, the software download on Roku freezes up before it finishes installing.  Jerry and Paul both tried to do it today during dog walks, but it wouldn't work.  Linda did a little research when she got home from classes. The problem might be with her router and not the Roku.  Some users said their router wasn't configured properly.  Even though Linda has been fixing lots of things lately by herself, she is not going to try this one.  Maybe she could hire a Geek Squad person for a few hours to 1) Install the Roku 2) Update her security on the wireless router 3) Download the new iTunes and iPhone software and 4) Install a new computerized thermostat for her heat pump.