Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'll Take That Apple Instead

The Roku was returned to Best Buy.  It turns out Linda wasn't the only one with install problems.  Message boards and online chats were swarmed with people who got the exact same error message code as Linda.  Some of those users were IT geeks themselves, and no amount of fidgeting with the box, router, location of the Roku could fix it.  There is someone Linda knows who loves her Roku (Hi Laura!) and it worked perfectly the first time.  Instead of Roku, Linda got an Apple TV.  It actually took longer to get the plastic wrap off and the packaging open than it did to install.  Linda was watching Netflix in under 5 minutes.  A 1st grader could have read the directions and hooked it up! 

 Not only that, but anything on Linda's iPhone; music, photos, videos AND her teaching DVD's now all appear on her TV!  It's so cool that she can use her iPhone as the TV remote too.  Yay!  What a great present!  Maybe when Linda's laptop dies she'll switch to a Mac.  When it comes to electronics, "easy" is Linda's number one priority.