Monday, January 7, 2013

Wounded Knee

Oh well, the Redskins lost THE BIG GAME yesterday.  The quarterback had a hurt knee, something that Linda can totally relate to.  Last Friday, she smashed her knee on the concrete pool deck while she was hopping out of the water to demonstrate a move during class.  It was sore, swollen and tender to the touch, but she thought for sure it would be better by now.  She was able to teach her Combat and Pump this AM, but her knee felt weak and wobbly.  Until her next class at 4:00 this afternoon, she is going to ice, rest and elevate.  Linda has to be better tomorrow because she is launching the new Combat release at 5:30.  The worst part, it's her "real" knee, not the knee with the plastic and metal parts.

Today is Penelope's 9 month old birthday.  She was walking at church last night, just holding Linda's finger for balance.  She can already stand up a long time all by herself.

Look at her keeping her guard up when she was only a few weeks old!  She'll be taking her Nana's Body Combat class in no time!!

"I'm already a sneaky Ninja!  I don't need any Body Combat classes Nana"