Monday, January 28, 2013

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I didn't post yesterday because nothing blog-worthy really happened.  (I know what your thinking. This blog has been about nothing for the last 5 years and you are right.)  Linda likes to do it daily as a fun way to go back and remember our puppy-hood; babies growing up; milestones and all the blessings in her life.  I guess if I look at it that way, yesterday was a jam-packed with stuff because the whole day was one big blessing.  She had two great church services (the kind of preaching that goes down deep and sticks), got to feed Penny her bottle while they had some Nana time, did only 15 minute chores (might be a record of the least amount of housework in a day), made a delicious grilled salmon/asparagus salad with Asian Ginger dressing, read her book (about right before Hitler invaded Russia and Stalin's secret war plans), started a new TV series called Parenthood (get the tissues out) and the heat actually felt like it was working full force last night!
Linda should make another blog called "Nanahood"

That doesn't mean she didn't get out of bed before it was totally light out.  Even though I woke her up at 2:40 to go outside (some kind of internal alarm that wakes me up every night between 2:30-50 a.m.) for a quick pee-break (remember this is Linda writing in my voice, she didn't go outside to pee. There are people who write her and say they refuse to read a blog written in an animals voice. It's OK. I still read yours though every single post is just one big complaint or mesmerizing photos of what you ate during the day. ) I woke her up at 6:40 a.m. to go back out.  Chimi is so good, he doesn't make a peep during the middle of the night bathroom break, but he needs to go out first thing in the morning.  She stumbled to the sliding glass door and discovered there was a sheet of ice everywhere.  We couldn't even walk on the deck, let alone do the 12 deck steps.  Linda had to get dressed, put on her big coat and carry us one at a time down the slippery steps. (Then wait for us to go and carry us back inside.)   She checked her email  and discovered her classes this morning were canceled. 
She loves teaching her classes, but who doesn't love a Monday morning off!

Don't worry, Linda won't be bored at home.  There is always lots to do and she doesn't get lonely living with a velcro Chihuahua  and a sweet Chorkie pup who loves her.
Chimi would prefer to be against her body and not just her arm. This is a big sacrifice for him.

Update: Now he is totally happy!