Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lil' Mudd

What a strange coincidence!  Last night Linda was laughing at the video of the dog named Mudd who was jumping on the trampoline.  Today, she was laughing at me and calling me "Lil' Mudd!"  When she let me outside after her classes, I wouldn't come back in.  Chim ran up onto the deck, but no matter how many times she called me, I just ignored her.   Finally, she had to actually search the backyard for me.  I found some mud under the deck and decided it would be fun to dig a big hole.  My snout and front paws were caked with sticky mud!
I only wish it was chocolate cake batter!
I thought the whole thing was pretty hysterical until Linda told me I needed a bath to clean up.  Actually, I an very obedient at bath-time.  I stand perfectly still in the sink and let her soap me up and rinse off with the sink sprayer.  Afterwards, I was back to my clean, sweet self.