Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bubble Mower

Mowing the lawn in 90 degree heat and 99 degree humidity is never fun, but there are a lot of chores in life that aren't fun. (Linda likes some chores, like cleaning the wood floors and vacuuming.) She was determined to mow after church before she sat down and got lazy.  She was sweating buckets and the grass blowing out the side of the mower was stinging her eyes.  She mowed most of the time with her eyes shut.  Just like last week, it took her 30 minutes to stop sweating after her shower.  While she was mowing, the neighbor behind her was mowing his yard too.  He was using a riding mower though.  Linda finished in 1/2 the time! She likes to go as fast as she can with no breaks to get her heart rate up and burn extra calories.

I bet Penelope would love her own little lawn mower.  Some of them actually blow bubbles while you push them.  It would be way cool if grown-up mowers were equipped with bubble blowers.  It would make the whole process much more fun! 

(Linda ate lunch on the deck and read her book for awhile this afternoon.  It looks like its about to rain, so she had to come back inside.)