Friday, June 7, 2013

Pintrest (or huge waste of time site)

Linda isn't really a crafty person.  She's not a baker, chef or artist.  She teaches a lot of fitness classes, but she really doesn't scour the Internet for exercise ideas.  For some reason, Pintrest (which is basically all those things she is not interested in) fascinates her.  For instance, take this amazing rug.  You buy one of those lighted tube string lights and you crochet a rug around it.  Linda wants one so bad!  The chances of her making this rug is about the same as her winning the lottery. (Zero percent.. because she doesn't buy lottery tickets.)  She looks at the rug photo twice a week and wishes it was on the floor in her bedroom. 

She also has approximately 200 recipes and photos of food saved.  The chances of her making one of the recipes is a little higher than the rug, but still not very good.
This is a cake.  What?
Look! On Pintrest you can learn how to turn an old ugly baggy shirt into an adorable sleeveless bow tie shirt.  Linda has about 10 of these baggy shirts and I'm pretty sure they are going to stay baggy.

               This "turn a spare room into a walk in closet" is one of Linda's top three favorites. There are many hairdos and makeup tips, photography poses, fashion tips and cute kid photos.  

There are 100's of fun nail designs and motivational posters.