Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Funday

After church today, Linda made a Trader Joe run for groceries.  It was sample day, so she got to try some yummy things.  The ice cream sandwich cookie treats were amazing.  The sweet tea was the best ever.  The spinach pasta, not so much (unless you like Alfredo sauce.. then it was probably good.)  Her new favorite thing from TJ's is the organic low-fat vanilla yogurt.  It tastes just like pudding.  With toppings, it will satisfy all her Sweet Frog cravings.

Next, Linda mowed, trimmed and swept-up this afternoon.  She missed last weekend because of rain, so the grass was super long.  She always dreads the start of mowing, but once she gets going it's fun.  Today she did mowing sprints.  She ran every other pass.  On the hill parts, it was a huge cardio-peak.  Since she didn't bag and just had the cuttings shoot out the side of the mower, there was grass clippings in her hair, ears, shoes and mouth.  Also, she saw that the dryer lint trap on the outside of the house was jammed again!  How is that possible?  It must have been stuck in the vent pipe and got blown up to the wire cover.

After, she spent an hour finishing her book by Lee Child.  It's part of a series and now she can't wait to get the next one from the library.  It's been a long time (since she read all the Nelson Demille books) that she has been excited about a series.  If you reading about a super-smart action hero (ex-military MP who can take out 4 special force guys at once) who solves murders, you'll like it.  Just don't borrow the books from Linda's library because she won't be happy if she has to wait to check out the next book.

Finally, she totally forgot she had nursery duty at church tonight.   Since she was in there Friday night for graduation, in her mind she wasn't on again til next week.  It's a good thing she got there a little early so she wasn't too late.

No pictures today, so here are some old ones since a post without photos is just wrong.

Lil' Chimi

Was Penny really this little?
My heart is still sore from missing Noah

CT Olympics  (look at Tier's blond hair!)

Taylor and his best friend Bubby
When I be little (Tierney used to always say "Mama, tell me 'bout when I be little")