Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brave Penny

Penelope was doing all sorts of daredevil stunts at the playground today.  She was swinging without holding on and shutting her eyes.  Every time Linda tried to get her to hold on, she would put her hands on her lap, laugh.. then shut her eyes tight.  Next, she made Linda nervous by wanting to climb the steps to the slide by herself.  When she would get to the top, instead of coming down the slide she wanted to come back down the steps. No pictures of that because Linda wouldn't take her hands off Penny in case she lost her balance.   

She is also doing amazing on the potty.  Tierney was just like Penny when she was the same age.  Tier wanted big-girl Disney princess panties and basically went from a diaper to Cinderella panties in one day.  Penny loves her potty because it sings to her when she goes.  The smile on her face is priceless when it plays the song.  Today, she went to the bathroom door and banged on it.   Linda helped her sit down and in less than 10 seconds she was clapping to the potty tune!  It's saving Sarah so much money on diapers. 

Remember last week when Linda and Tierney were practice models for a friend?  The photographer sent the proofs to Linda today.  They are nice, but Linda should have put bright red lips on.  She looks blah next to Miss Ruby Woo.  These are preview screen-shots from the iPhone.  (Linda didn't even know you could do a screen-shot on an iPhone.  She had to google directions.)

Sometimes Linda thinks that they look alike, but in these pictures they don't even look related.